Many years of experience organizing successful expeditions in Nepal and Tibet, Summit Nepal Trekking invites all the aspirants to use its services. Whether it’s a fully supported expedition, base camp support or just part arrangements, Summit Nepal Trekking extends its service to all kind of expeditions.

Full supported expedition may include almost everything that any particular expedition requires such as a team of professional sherpa consisting of base camp sirdar or climbing sirdar, high altitude shepras and base camp kitchen staff, all the meals, base camp infrastructure plus mountain tents, fixed ropes and fixing equipments with necessary charges mountain food and fuel, required oxygen bottles, mask and regulator, radios and sat phones, required permits, travel to start point either by scheduled air flight or by road (as applicable), carry and summit bonuses.

Base Camp support unlike Full support it will not have fixed ropes and fixing equipments included, similarly it will not include mountain tents, food and fuel, required oxygen bottles, masks and regulators, radios and sat phones, carry and summit bonuses.

Part arrangements may include obtaining necessary permits, provide sherpa support, basically any individual service that one expedition may have.

Please get in touch if you need more information or if you like to organize any specific expedition.


Pictures of 2014 Mt. AmaDablam Expedition