Trek Grading Info

Trek Gradation

Grade 1/Easy (relatively!)

Easy trekking, by Himalayan standards is generally below 2000m but there are always plenty of ups and downs anywhere in the Himalayas and clients need to be regular walkers to get full enjoyment from their experience.


Grade 2/Moderate

Moderate trekking below 3,000m or so but possibly involving side trips to higher elevations.


Grade 3/Moderate to Strenuous

Reasonably demanding at altitude up to 4,000m with side trips to higher elevations.


Grade 4/Strenuous

Tibet trips primarily because of the rigors of the climate and over all high altitude varying from Lhasa at 3,700m to high pass crossings by vehicle or on foot in excess of 5,000m. In other areas treks of a demanding nature, requiring all participants to be fit and in excellent health, often in remote alpine areas and sometimes reaching altitudes in excess of 5,500m.



Extremely demanding treks sometimes in very remote areas on rough terrain and perhaps including climbs of one or more of the so called “trekking peaks” – maximum altitude, Participants should have at least a basic knowledge of use of crampons and ice axes, though first time climbers may be accepted on some of the so called “easy” route on these peaks.